Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Good Night, KidKira

KidKira was an alias born prematurely when I wanted to go beyond machinima and do other things in a desperate attempt to get attention. I opened up a million YouTube accounts and wasted so much money on gaming crap. All of it was just a waste compared to the last two years of my web life, when I started taking YouTube more seriously. Especially after my horrendous experience working on Reycralbur, I decided to only put my focus and effort on things I actually care about and do the things that make me feel good. So, I abandoned that series and shifted my focus onto short-form machinima instead.

I also started taking this blog more seriously, but all it gave me in return is bitter resentment for the human race. It's dawned on me that rants are just big words from people who think they know better. The annoying opinions of people I don't give a shit about. Even if it feels good to get it off your chest, it's not gonna change anything. Actions speak louder than words.

I've spent the last couple of years ranting about cable networks, media, and anything else that pissed me off, but it's all pointless. Even if people agreed with what I had to say, it still wouldn't change anything. Canadians especially can't hold a decent conversation about what's on their TV screens, and as much as I hate to say it, I can't blame them. Canadian television is irreversibly broken. It's better to pirate your favorite TV shows than to waste hundred of dollars on cable and risk letting Canadian broadcasters take the rights to a good a show only to waste its potential for the sake of an almost outdated business model.

Worst of all, people would rather see me suffer doing this watch my machinima. "Do More TV Stuff?" Do it yourself you ungrateful sack of shit! I'm done with that crap! Ranting about these things is as stupid and pointless as the millions of videos complaining about YouTube. Why complain about something that will never be fixed?

I'm tired of being angry and bitter from waiting for change to happen. I'm sick and tired of being put into a bad mood just by keeping my ears to the ground. So, I made a new pact with myself: only do the things that make me happy. Quit trying to make the best of a shit sandwich and just make a new sandwich instead. Avoid depression and find happiness, even if it kills you.

To that end, not only am I done with this chapter of my blog, I'm done with KidKira. The angry, wannabe celebrity who has fallen victim to delusions of grandeur.  The sad little youth who thought he could become rich and famous on the internet, but ended up wasting away his life. The man who believes he is surrounded by idiots, when he could never understand why these idiots are idiots to begin with. ...Except for the typical teenage girl who listens to pop music and watches Disney Channel, that's way too obvious.

What I want is to finish school, get a nice quiet job, and a small apartment all to myself. I don't know much about how the hikikomori live, but with a few tweaks, I can make it work. Until then, I'll spend my freetime doing what I do best: making Super Smash Bros. machinima and videos that I like. From here on out, I'm turning over a new leaf.

Rest in Peace, KidKira; It's the only place you'll be happy. Speedy149 is back.

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