Sunday, 9 April 2017

2017 is Adult Swim's Biggest Year

Outside of Toonami, Robot Chicken, The Venture Bros and Rick and Morty, you'd be forgiven for thinking Adult Swim doesn't really do adult animation anymore. Their output is mostly live-action comedies and other ventures outside of linar television, including music and livesteams on the Adult Swim website. The animated series I haven't mentioned are either shows that were cancelled too soon or shows that aren't even worth mentioning. All of them live in the shadow of not just current series but some of the classics that came before them.

So far, 2017 has been a welcome reminder that Adult Swim is still in the animation game. In addition to Samurai Jack and FLCL, Last week, Adult Swim announced that they will be airing season two of Attack on Titan inside Toonami. Considering Toonami just turned twenty years old in March, this is one hell of a birthday present.

But there's more good news for people looking for something more western.

Last year, Adult Swim unveiled a couple of pilots and let you vote on which of them would be turned into full series. Last week, Adult Swim announced they have greenlit two of them: Brian Wysol's Hot Streets and Apollo Gauntlet from Canada's Myles Langlois.

The Sci-fi comedy Hot Streets will be executive produced by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, meaning there's a chance the show will end up being too similar to Crackle's Supermansion (or Robot Chicken). The last thing Adult Swim needs is another American Dad, an unoriginal, juvenile show that's too similar to everything else on television. At least The Cleveland Show tried to bring more diversity into animated comedies..., by being a Family Guy knock-off with a diverse cast.

The fantasy-based Apollo Gauntlet, however, will be based on an earlier web series that was seen on Titmouse and 6 Point Harness' Rug Burn channel. Titmouse is animation studio that has created some of the most awesome, underrated, cult classics of the last decade, including Motorcity, Megas XLR, and Downtown. If they had a hand in Apollo Gauntlet's upbringing, it has to be good.

Of the two, I'm mostly looking forward to Apollo Gauntlet. It's an older, more original idea that's been given a fresh coat of paint. But both shows look very promising. They could be just what Adult Swim needs to bring the network back to standard.

Yes, Adult Swim is in far better shape than Cartoon Network (or Boomerang, for that matter), but that's only because they did things differently. They didn't just slap a bunch of live-action shows onto their lineup for the sake of ratings, they went even further than that. Adult Swim became bigger and more broader in scope, but because of that, they've all but lost touch of what made them special to begin with. With so many new animated programming debuting this year, 2017 will go down as one of the most exiting years in the history of Adult Swim.

If only Teletoon at Night's 2017 was as good.

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