Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What I Missed

Emotionally, I'm in a transitional time in my life right now. You can tell by the fact that I'm talking about myself in this blog when I should be talking about something important. For example.

CMT is going big with Nashville -- Did you know that CMT is the only music channel owned by Viacom that actually gives a fuck about music? Don't let Party Down South fool you, mainly because that show is finally finished. The secret is that CMT has shifted towards country lifestyle programming and programs related in someway or form to music. The current lineup is a lot more coherent, but it hasn't translated into good enough ratings. With the arrival of Nashville, the success of Still The King, the newly rebranded CMT Music, an new on-air graphic refresh (that looks oddly similar to graphics for CMT Canada's music blocks), and MTV and VH1 abandoning their music video blocks, it looks like CMT is done playing games.

Oxygen shifting towards crime programming -- Of course I didn't know about this until after I started working on "Oxygen's New Reality Show", but it looks like NBC is tempting fate with their women's networks again. It's not really must-see television, but Snapped is one of Oxygen's longest-running original series and a staple on C-list networks like LMN and ReelzChannel. Oxygen has built a crime block centered around the series and, since launch, has seen better numbers that what its other shows were getting. Thus, with the help of Dick "Law and Order" Wolf, Oxygen will rebrand this summer as a crime-themed network.

I don't blame the network's fans/viewers/people-who-still-give-a-shit-about-this-wannabe-Lifetime if they're worried. It was good move to kill Style Network in favor of the male-targeting Esquire Network, but I would have never known that the new network would end up being even worse than Style. That the ratings at launch were nonexistant should have been a red flag, but when the original programming have as much attention as grass growing versus retro television shows, Ninja Warrior, and syndicated crime dramas that are already airing on USA Network (and Syfy), you just know that Esquire Network will go down as one of the biggest screw-ups NBCUniversal has ever made.

I'll talk shit about Bell Media until the world ends, but at least they aren't as hyper-incompetent as the clowns running this conglomerate.

Turner's cable networks are airing fewer commercials during original programming -- 'Nuff said.

Impact Wrestling has a new logo -- ...And it looks like the logo of my public school basketball team. I'd comment on Impact bringing back the repetitive "Sinister Rise Above" theme, Anthem's plans to retire the TNA name, or talk more shit about Teru Mikami's favorite angle, but I'm still waiting on Lucha Underground to return from haitus. I got a bad feeling that it will be a LONG wait. Speaking of long waits, where the hell is GFW's TV show!?

I'm reading superhero comics now -- You can thank DC Rebirth, Young Animal, and Dynamite for that.

Amazon Prime Video is now in Canada! -- And, at the moment, it looks like Crackle with mainstream TV shows. At least it's cheaper than Prime in the U.S, but I'd say you should wait a few months before you commit to a yearly subscription.

Cooking Channel is now in Canada! -- Because that's what this country needs, another damn food network!

Vintage TV in now in Canada! -- Because this is what the country REALLY needs, another network that actually cares about music.

American Dad on MuchMusic -- Because at this point, Canadian program rights are bullshit!

I'm done, that's all I can muster up. Maybe I'll go into detail later in the year. But for now, Happy Birthday to me.