Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Rant I Posted on YTV's Facebook Page (Because Anime Fans Are Annoying)

People, Bionix is never coming back!

I know it's lame that YTV has become totally worthless post 9pm, but Canadian cable in general has become more dependent on ratings and demographics. Why do you think there are so many lifestyle/entertainment/whatever networks aimed at women?

YTV gave up teenage/adult programming to ABC Spark Canada and Teletoon at Night, and even then the target audience is probably spending more time watching YouTube videos or Netflix. The only reason anyone over the age of 13 even bothers watching YTV anymore is for whatever show Nickelodeon is shilling out anyways (i.e The Loud House, Harvey Beaks).

More importantly, in case you still haven't noticed, anime is not, nor will it ever be, mainstream entertainment. The general population in North America care more about the latest video game or comic book then some "Japanese cartoon". Even adults in Japan expect kids to "grow out of it" at a certain age.

The ultimate reason for why Toonami was brought back wasn't just for nostalgia. Adult Swim is one of the few networks that "get" anime, (even if it doesn't always get them ratings) and figured it would be better to use a brand that every anime fan in the U.S would recognize, when [as] itself is better known for American cartoons. Bionix is nowhere near as popular as Toonami is or ever was.

Finally, why waste your time relying on cable television at all, let alone a cable network for CHILDREN?

Be realistic.

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