Thursday, 15 December 2016

CN Red

Right now, Cartoon Network is getting the hype train going for the long-awaited premiere of Justice League Action. The show will premiere on Friday, December 16, but after that, new episodes will air on Saturday mornings starting December 24. ...Yep, just Saturday mornings; no timeslot indicated.

Already we're assuming that the show, whether or not it's good, will be buried in the same 6-8am graveyard slot that Cartoon Network gave to Pokemon, Transformers and Sonic Boom. Furthermore, we can also assume that CN won't be promoting the show anytime soon. We assume this because that's how bad Cartoon Network has become; that we can already assume the worst and never expect any better.

Nickelodeon has been much more merciful with the shows they've screwed over than the critics give them credit for.

They buried Invader Zim, but because of its MASSIVE fanbase, it still appears in video games and survived long enough to spawn an ongoing comic book series. The Legend of Korra was expanded into a full series, but was constantly moving on the schedule. That Nickelodeon decided to move the final Book online, as opposed to outright cancelling the show, shows that they aren't foolish enough to completely scrap one of the best animated series they've put out since the original Avatar.

Finally, I wouldn't worry too much about the piss-poor treatment Nick's been giving to Harvey Beaks, because The Fairly Oddparents has gotten even worse treatment. It seems even Nickelodeon doesn't like how badly that show has jumped the shark. Despite being the second-longest running show on the network, it doesn't even get half of the airtime Spongebob Squarepants gets. In the end, just because the network renewed a show, doesn't mean they have to air it...on their main channel.

Didn't Cartoon Network have their own secondary network? What the hell happened to Boomerang? Are you telling me they can air reruns of Teen Titans Go, because the airtime on Cartoon Network wasn't good enough, but not have time to air the shows that actually need more exposure? How convenient it is for the new Boomerang to be targeted towards kids, families, and girls, as opposed to the supposedly more boy-slanted network that shares channel space with Adult Swim.

Speaking of, notice how Adult Swim's upcoming slate of animated programming has gotten the internet all fired up. [as] is making twelve new episodes of their favorite anime, FLCL, they're bringing back Samurai Jack for a fifth season, and not only have they just announced Funimation's dub of Dragon Ball Super this past week, but also the long-rumored dub of Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters. All airing inside Toonami, which Adult Swim also brought back to let viewers know, "Yes, we still air mature animation." But the one show that everyone is talking about, more than anything on Toonami, is Rick and Morty and its long-awaited third season. I don't need to say anything about that show other than it being the benchmark for what a modern adult animated comedy should be like.

The ONE program Cartoon Network got a lot of positive feedback for in 2016 never aired on the network, it was uploaded to their YouTube channel. Breathe it in people, because the internet is the only place you're gonna find truly modern animation like that. That's not to say shows like We Bare Bears or The Amazing World of Gumball are terrible, but they are leagues above Teen Titans Go and everything else the network has churned out as of late. And yet, they've also been pushed to the side for juvenile comedies that only exist to get ratings and sell toys.

Once again, Cartoon Network has let its envy of the better-rated Nickelodeon and Disney Channel usher in a new dark age, not only where ratings dictate programming, but where shows have to be "appropriate for kids". I still think Cartoon Network's fanboys are nostalgic man-children and animation snobs, but I can't blame them and I feel their frustration. I fear Cartoon Network is about to become to animation, what MTV has become to music.


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Update: December 2016

Writing this post on a phone so screw gramar

Getting a new computer because i hate my old one. Slow, laggy. Need more powerful machine.

Backing up everything to cloud and portable hard drive in preperation for the move.

Power cord broken; using phone app for now.

No, Reycralibur will not return this year.

I hate my life.