Saturday, 22 October 2016

Why We Still Need TNA

Fuck Final Deletion. Fuck Decay vs Delete. Fuck the entire angle. I've only seen a small bit of Passions, but I'm sure that crap was a lot better what TNA has become, when the so-called "men's soap opera" becomes just as bad as an actual soap opera.

Yes, barring Empire, obviously.

The most interesting story angle involving Total Nonstop Action this year actually happened outside of Pop TV's broadcast of Impact Wrestling. Billy Corgan has been very involved in the dying company this year, from providing Impact's new theme music to becoming a minority owner. But TNA just isn't TNA without a shitty takeover angle, and Billy Corgan's lawsuit filed against the company is probably the best one in years. You can read all the details online, and you probably have already.

Long story short, the IWC is rooting for the Smashing Pumpkins front man to dig the company out of the massive hole that it (or rather, Dixie Carter) has dug itself in. As much as we can agree that TNA was doing just fine before Hulk Hogan showed up, and has been chasing some resemblance of its "glory days" ever since, we can also agree that it's not the time for TNA to tap out to Murphy's law just yet.

In every medium, we have alternatives. CTV has to compete with Global, Citytv, and even the CBC. Whenever Marvel is in a rut, comic book readers turn to DC. Netflix is leading the new era of internet television neck-and-neck with Hulu. Even WWE has competition, not with Ring of Honor, but with it's own developmental brand in NXT, which has been stealing the spotlight from a large of number of bad pay-per-views and an even worse Wrestlemania! The NXT Takeovers may have very well been the catalyst for WWE ending the dreaded "supershow" era and bringing back the brand extension.

Even if Ring of Honor is the new No.2, it's still just an indie promotion, and it has it's own "competition" with the indie promotions on You can argue that this means we really don't need TNA anymore, especially with Lucha Underground rocking it and Global Force Wrestling stretching its legs, but I argue that this means we need TNA now more than ever before.

It's only when you're at the bottom of the food chain that even the scrappy starts to grow it's beard, or in this case, grow it back. The fact that our own Fight Network in Canada, rather than Pop TV in the U.S.A, is funding new TV tapings shows that there's still something valuable about TNA that makes it worth saving; that this puny company shouldn't go the way of WCW and ECW and be gobbled up by the WWE. I'm gonna guess it's either the X-Division, the six-sided ring, the all-steel cage PPV event that even allowed women to compete (WAY before WWE's women division will in Raw's Hell in a Cell PPV this year), or the sheer pandemonium and spectacle that unfolds when Impact is at it's best, the likes of which we haven't seen since the GLORIOUS Attitude Era!

I'm avoiding TNA like the plague for now, but if Billy Corgan plays the right cards, if TNA can get out of its financial rut, if Impact Wrestling can cut the crap and get back to some decent storytelling, and if the company as a whole can hit the reset button in 2017, I might consider giving it another shot. At the very least, I refuse to label TNA as the Nickelback of professional wrestling, no matter how offensive it Nickelback fans.

Professional wrestling's cockroach will do just fine.

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