Saturday, 1 October 2016

Dark and Gritty is Shitty

Seraph of the End's anime is a perfect example for why I hate "dark and edgy" works. How do you expect me to root for the main characters when most of them too jaded and unlikable for me to sympathize with. Not to mention the old "corrupt government" cliche, wherein the human faction has commuted just as many atrocities, if not more, than the villains they're fighting. If comparing this to Akame ga Kill is a demeaning slap to the face, than I guess Gears of War would a be better comparison. Seraph is not a terrible show, but it's not my cup of tea either.

So how about the ones that really deserve this crap, like season three of From Dusk Till Dawn? So far, all of the problems I've had with season two have been doubled. The "heroes" have been reduced to being self-centered assholes with no redeeming qualities and even the unimportant background characters are too annoying for me tolerate. Whatever arguments to be had about making the vampires from the movie more sympathetic are rendered moot by the end of its second episode, and they become more invalid as the season progress.

How about Wynonna Earp or Hunters? Sure, the former series has a fanbase, despite its title character being a total bitch and its inaugural thirteen-episode season ending in one hell of an anti-climax, but Hunters has no excuse. Hunters is a generic, depressing, drama that's too cynical for its own good. Syfy should have given Defiance one more season, despite its many flaws, instead of wasting money on a show that takes its premise way too seriously.

I'd talk about the low points of The Flash's second season or question why the hell FOX decided to give Scream Queens a second go-around, but this is really just a preference of mine. Maybe some people like these kinds of shows, and I'm already too bitter and miserable to enjoy works like these.

...Or maybe television dramas have become too dark for me to give a crap about and need to learn how to lighten up!

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