Monday, 27 June 2016

The M3 Rant I Posted on Their Facebook Page (Because I Have an Ego).

You'd think that Bell would take notice from Corus' switcheroo with Teletoon Retro and Cartoon Network (Canada). MTV2 Canada's license is far more flexible than MTV Canada's license, since they aren't restricted to talk shows and CanCon (and they can actually air music videos).

By now, they should have closed down MTV, moved their programming to MTV2, relaunch MTV2 as the new MTV, and take the channel slots of the previous MTV. Since the new channel would be on the same cable tier as MUCH and M3, Bell would have been able to move Pretty Little Liars to MTV with no problems.

But Bell Media has no interest in putting any work into their networks. Instead, they slap whatever show they got on some random network and then screw around with it when it isn't making them money.

While I'm at it, since MTV Canada turned off comments, can anyone explain to me what's the point of owning a American-branded channel that doesn't air that channel's programming? Why is MTV2 Canada stuck with shitty teen dramas instead of the original shows airing on MTV2 proper in the U.S? What's gonna happen when MTV2's shows move to MTV in August? Will I be able to watch them on MTV Canada, or do I have to wait for someone to upload them some random video site?

Finally, out of all the networks to move Pretty Little Liars to, why Bravo? Clearly, Bravo is intended for more upscale, adult dramas. I get it, MuchMusic is better off NEVER airing another teen drama EVER again, and I (and music lovers everywhere) appreciate that. So, why not MTV Canada, the same network that got away with airing Degrassi? Surely, that wasn't because Degrassi was a Canadian series? That's too good an excuse. I could care less for both shows, but I have to call it when I see it.

Bell Media has been playing fast-and-loose for far too long.

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