Saturday, 11 June 2016

Re: Ashby: In the CRTC's game of thrones, cable companies must lose

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I'm not gonna let MTV upstage me with the power plays they've been making. It's time I got back to my roots too.

With Bell Media granted exclusive access to HBO programming, you'd think that they would have the flexibility to meet the needs of its consumers. For example, they could allow consumers who aren't subscribed to (or don't want subscribe to) The Movie Network to watch Game of Thrones on CraveTV. In addition to streaming past seasons, they would be able to watch new episodes, along with the rest of HBO's catalog. Being that Game of Thrones is one of the most pirated shows in the world, and CraveTV is cheaper than HBO Now, it would be a win-win for the company and all Canadians. After all, the only way to stop piracy is to meet the needs of the consumer.

However, that would imply that Bell Media actually gave a shit about the costumer, or had respect for the numerous channels and television shows they owned. Let me refresh your memory.

They turned MuchMoreMusic into a skeleton network. They left MTV2, BookTelevision and FashionTelevisionChannel to hang, dry, and eventually die when consumers are finally able to pick-and-pay for channels that are actually worth a damn. They switch around acquired programming like a kid with LEGO blocks and later lock them up behind cable subscriptions and paywalls. If you're new to this blog and wonder why I'm always slinging mud at this company, I just gave you your answer.

When it comes to television, Bell Media is the Electronic Arts of Canadian broadcasting; they are the worst of the worst.

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