Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Sexism Against Men (Also, Some Crap About Reboots)

You know it's time to take a break from TV Talk when someone starts complain about how much reboots suck, despite numerous points to the contrary. I won't say who, but his/her website shares the name of the fifth season of Archer and, depending on who you ask, they suck even harder! ...Well, it actually wasn't THAT bad at all, but you get the idea. Word of advice: Keep your personal crap on your blog and off the news. We read to be informed, not to care about your stupid opinions.

Speaking of double standards, has anyone noticed how absolutely rubbish the male image really is? Of course not, we're too busy fighting for women's rights and reminding North Americans that it's 2016 and black lives DO matter that we don't notice that, when it comes to sexism, women aren't the only victims.

For starters, how come boys and men can't talk about their feelings and write cheesy pop songs, yet we don't mind when women do it, (even if said songs are worse)? Are we still living in an age where men aren't allowed to be sissies or get help from their friends to fight their battles?

"Men need to drive fancy cars and play sports and have sex with a bunch of women." "A real man wouldn't drive cheap rides, or take up ballet, and have sex with other men." Yes, other men, because this isn't a crappy slashfic, it's the real world in 2016. Get over it, homophobes. I'm really sick of guys parading around this idea of what it means to be a "real man". If I want to know what it truly means to be a real man, I'll watch Yu Yu Hakusho. I don't need to be told what a man isn't supposed to do by caveman and thick-skulked morons.

Well, there you have it. I just proved sexism against men is real and that it's a real problem, because it's men who brought it onto themselves! And now, back to more TV stuff.

Moonbeam City shouldn't have been cancelled, Cassius and Clay should have been greenlit, and the Much Music Video Awards shouldn't be riding the corporate pen of a service no Canadian has ever heard of! And again, if creatively bankrupt scrubs are to blame for the likes of Thundercats and Hunter x Hunter, I say keep the reboots coming and may the naysayers and critics forever lick my balls.

Although, in fairness, Full House was not the best idea for a reboot...and who the hell thought Rush Hour was?!

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