Monday, 22 February 2016

Because I haven't posted anything in a while.

I don't hate what MuchMusic is doing, I hate the fact the once proud music station is playing second fiddle to American imports. Otherwise, I'd say "Much at Night" is nine times better than Teletoon at Night. I feel as though Much should be getting into the animation game. They already snatched the new season of American Dad from Adult Swim (Canada), who still lags behind the American version when it comes to airing new shit. I think it would be great if Much picked up the rest of FXX's Animation Domination lineup, because Lord knows the Canadian FXX won't be airing those shows anytime soon.If not Much, maybe Aux could dip their toes into some animation. Some alternative programming would help soften their image in ways Brickleberry never could.

I believe the secret to surviving a pick-and-pay world is to go in a different direction then the competition. That means less derivative dramas and reality shows, and more innovative original programming. Instead of cutting jobs, we should be shutting down channels that nobody cares about, otherwise, we need to give those worthless channels shows that people will care about and, unlike M3, make them exclusive to those channels. We need to stop recycling shit, because no is going to subscribe to multiple channels just to watch that one show. Even more so with Canadian shows, because rehashing the same shit (Just for Laughs Gags) is just lazy.

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