Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Thanks, Answerman [RE: Glitter Force]

Why Are Adapted Dubs Still Being Made?
I don't normally listen to other people's opinions, since I'm the smartest goddamn man on the internet, but I've learned a lot about anime from Anime News Network's Answerman column. In an earlier post, I called bullshit on Saban localizing Smile PreCure for Americans. 4Kids localized jobs had left a bad impression on me and led me to think that any dub that isn't faithful to the source material is pure garbage. However, thanks to Answerman, I at least learned in detail why it has to be this way.

Admittedly, I was pretty ignorant of the fact that Pretty Cure was a kids show, just like Digimon, and these sort of things tend to happen. Kids are way to young to understand another country's culture, let alone care. Also, unlike 4Kids dubs, the shows being adapted today (LBX/Denball, Yo-Kai Watch, Doraemon, etc) are actual kids shows. Furthermore, since "Glitter Force" will be streamed on Netflix, the show will get far more exposure than the original series ever did on YTV. After all, one is Netflix, and the other is a kids channel owned by a company that has all but killed off adult anime from Canadian television.

It's not just the dubbing issue. Through Answerman, I also learned what happened to Manga Entertainment, I learned more about Animax and Crackle's anime selection, and why anime isn't on TV more often. If you're like me, and would like to learn more about anime, Answerman is nice column to check out. Because even when you're the smartest goddamn man on the internet, you can always get smarter. That being said, I'm still not very big on "Glitter Force's"name. I mean, if it takes off, what's gonna happen when they start localizing the other series? Yes! Glitter Force 5!?

...Crap, that actually sounds pretty cool...