Saturday, 3 October 2015

Even TV Anywhere Apps Suck in Canada

I know I had some unrealistic expectations about the new NickGO app Corus just launched when I tried it out. After all, Corus only uses the domestic version of Nickelodeon as a dumping ground for Canadian originals and an outlet for classic Nick shows. Neither Nick Canada's website or Facebook page has been updated in years, and yet its getting its own TV app?! It's very disappointing that Corus hasn't really taken advantage of their exclusive rights to Nickelodeon programming to build a better streaming platform for them. Bell Media had the right idea with Cravetv and its exclusive access to HBO and Showtime series.

In general, TV Anywhere apps are garbage; they're basically video-on-demand platforms with even less content. More insultingly, their barebones offerings are gated behind a cable/satellite subscription paywall and I still have to deal with in-app advertisments. The best they can do is stream the channel live and offer select episodes from network programming; exactly what YTVGO does. Otherwise, you're better off getting an app for Netflix, Hulu, and Shomi (Also, Cravetv, in 2016) first. After all, what's the point of a live channel stream when you can watch the show you want now and the new episode later?

For comparison's sake, I downloaded both the Shomi and FX apps for my Android phone. Naturally, I'm able to watch past seasons of, for example, the League and You're The Worst on Shomi and the current seasons on FX Now Canada. However, with FXNC, I can only watch the last two episodes aired. So that means, if I somehow miss the first episode within two weeks of airing, I can't watch it again legally. Keyword being "legally", as in, the only way I can watch that episode if I steam it on a pirate site illegally. Is that what you want, Rogers? Because that's what's happening thanks to your shitty app. It's probably better just to watch on-demand from my cable box.

Compare that shit with the Adult Swim app, which offers a lot more value even outside the paywall. I can watch full episodes of old original shows, livestreams from their website, and do some other cool shit. Stuff like that makes these apps a lot less useless than they already are. So not all TV Anywhere apps are shit, they do their jobs fine, but even the decent ones could use a lot of improvement.

At the end of the day, however, I do believe the current TVE model is just a waste of time. HBO had the right idea with HBO Now; instead of tying our brands to the cable subscription model, we should be creating streaming platforms of our own and allow our subscribers to access our content free of barriers (aside from money, of course). Corus should have created a Nickelodeon app that allows fans of Nick's programming, from the 90s to now, to watch them all, anytime, anywhere. Every Simpsons Ever? Try, Every Rugrats Ever! They can do more than just a livestream of the Canadian Nick channel and only a few shows with a handful of episodes.

Canadian companies are so desperate to hang on to the tired cable model, they would settle for the outdated and mundane, when they could have made more money by being innovative and creative. I'm not asking them give their shit away for free, I'm telling them that if they don't try a more creative, consumer-friendly approach, they will lose more than just subscribers.

But, seriously, a Nickelodeon streaming site would be nice...

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