Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Canadian Broadcasters Would Suck At Anime Simulcasts

I think it's about time to call out broadcasters who spend so much money on American crap, yet never finds the time to air them until the whole world finished watching. Case-and-point, Mr. Robot, the show that finally gave USA Network the chance to properly tell its critics to suck it, is now airing on Showcase months after it already aired in the States. More recently, MuchMusic began airing season two of TripTank a just a few weeks after Comedy Central premiered it. You would think that since Much started airing Comedy Central series that they would air them day-and-date with the States. Seriously, its on Fridays at Midnight! I know its not Futurama, but come on!

Meanwhile, shows like Jane the Virgin and iZombie are bypassing a Canadian broadcaster in favor of Netflix and other streaming sites. In other words, if we can't watch them on the same day stateside, we can at least watch them tomorrow. If we can at least do that with dedicated streaming sites, why couldn't Much or other broadcasters do that with their websites? If you can't air it on the network today, just stream on your website tomorrow. This is kinda how Anime Simulcasts work. The big difference is, viewers can and will be able to watch them at least an hour after they air overseas. Although, its very jarring that I can only watch From Dusk til Dawn on Netflix the day after it airs on El Rey Network.

I believe we can chalk this problem up to the messed up programming rights Canadian networks have. Its the reason why we're still waiting for Shomi or some other outlet to give us a legal way to watch every episode of Arthur and The Simpsons ever. Its the reason why Adult Swim Canada won't be airing the new Robot Chicken DC Comics special until who knows when. Most damningly, its the reason why Canadians almost missed out on the new season of The Mindy Project, after the show was brought back by Hulu. But, if you're like me, you can just pirate that shit. After all, if Canadian broadcasters aren't willing to put in the effort to meet our needs, why go through the trouble to do things their way.

Its ironic how Canadian broadcasters seemingly wants nothing to do with mature anime because, compared to the way anime is streamed and broadcast elsewhere, its way better than the treatment they've shown for American shows these days. I'm almost glad Corus Entertainment isn't getting back into the anime scene anytime soon.

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