Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The 90s Are All Splat?

There's one thing Canada's Nickelodeon has going for it that the American version doesn't have, and it's something viewers of the latter channel have complaining about for years. Along with the current crop, Nick Canada also airs classic series from the nineties; every night, every weekend.

Why is this so important? Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be, but at least in the 90s Nick's long-running shows wouldn't be accused of decaying quality, their sitcoms wouldn't be as predictably stale as the crap on Disney Channel, and the overall quality of programming wasn't simply kid-fodder. You know your network sucks when you commissioned a show like Rocket Monkeys, but only aired the first season because it was just so horrible! All this explains the significance of TeenNick's late night block, The 90s Are All That, which has been huge success for a network that's mostly known for airing Nickcoms, burn-offs, and Degrassi.

You'd think the other networks would have done this already, maybe in overnight hours, but no. Between preschool programming and Nick@Nite, Nickelodeon only has eight hours to itself on the weekdays, and promoting their current crop of shows is elementary. That being said, it would have been nice if Nick@Nite would have done this on the weekends, to switch things up at least.
Nicktoons clearly would have benefited more from airing the classics than they do from airing censored anime and producing original crap that's even worse than Rocket Monkeys. Finally, the less said of Nickmom, the better. It was a horrible idea and, if Nick Jr. was that desperate for ratings, they should have also done this instead.

That's brings us to The Splat. We know it's a programming block that will launch in October, but I got some questions of my own. Will it replace Nick@Nite? How will it affect TeenNick's block? Will it replace Nick@Nite? Will it air on weekdays and/or weekends? Will it replace Nick@Nite? ...Don't look at me like that, I'm only giving TV Land some incentive to not become as bad as Boomerang.

Anyways, all this 90s Nick talk has actually got me feeling a bit nostalgic about YTV. I'm too old for it, and its current shows are too juvenile for anyone. Still, I can't help but feel YTV would also benefit from doing something like this. Guess that's why they uploaded Invader Zim to their YouTube channel.

...And I'm talking to myself. Nice.

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