Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Some Things the New Boomerang Needs to Do...

It's great to see Turner has not forgotten about Boomerang. It can be more than just a network for classic cartoons and burn-offs. With its rebrand, it can be a testing ground for new shows and ideas that might not work on Cartoon Network. Hell, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of shows the vocal CN fanbase wanted nothing to do with. Had Boomerang rebranded eariler, they would have gotten their wish.

It's going to take some time for them to stretch their legs but, for the moment, let's help them out. Bitching and complaining only makes things worse and, let's face it, the CN fanbase is as snobby as the Call of Duty fanbase is disgusting and the Sonic fanbase is just plain horrible. So, instead, let's try to be a little more constructive.

Boomerang has no clear focus at the moment, it's all ratings-driven now. Right now, they're more focused on the most popular characters from the archives of Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbara. That's understandable: the likes of Yogi Bear and Top Cat have been on Boomerang for years; eventually they were gonna get stale. But, here's the thing: the shows that have replaced them are either too new, unmemorable, or were already airing on Cartoon Network.

There is absolutely no excuse for Boomerang to be airing reruns of Gumball and Teen Titans Go. They're already seen multiple times on Cartoon Network; if Boomerang wants to air reruns of those shows, they're gonna have to air reruns of the rest of CN's current slate. Better yet, Cartoon Network, how about you start doing that!? You can start with some damn Adventure Time episodes! No, instead Boomerang should be airing older CN originals, particularly the "Cartoon Cartoons" from the network's golden age.

The acquired slate is a mess, it's just a random mishmash of kiddy-fodder. The biggest highlight, of course, is Numb Chucks. A show so horrible, it more than justifies Boomerang's rebrand. If they hadn't, it would have ended up on Cartoon Network, and I don't think they're in the mood for another Canadian embarrassment after Almost Naked Animals had their fun.

I'm glad they realized their mistake and kept that shit on YTV where it belongs, but I'm also glad that Boomerang won't be airing the Inspector Gadget reboot either. Sure, it's one of Teletoon's best shows in a while, but we could do better then that buggy goofball. I'm sorry Canada, but at moment there are far better networks to acquire kids shows from than YTV and Teletoon. I speak on behalf of Canadians Rallying Against Programs Poisoning Youth.

The only hope Boomerang has now, is in its original slate: Wabbit, Be Cool, and Bunnicula. For better or worse, these shows are the only hope the channel has at redemption. Boomerang tried to do something different than what TV Land is doing but, in its current state, has become a dark and twisted version of Cartoon Network from an alternate universe where the network has become as bad as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. In other words, it needs more work.

You see, Teletoon Retro, it was for the best that we part ways...

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