Thursday, 24 September 2015

Smile Precure will be a "Bad End" for Saban
OK, everyone remain calm.

We don't know what the status of this...thing is, other than the fact that it exists. So, let's assume that Saban wasn't working on this while Vortexx was falling apart, and that this was their way of announcing that "Yeah, we're doing this." NO, they really shouldn't, and here's why.

First of all, in the year 2015, it's about time children's anime gets the proper treatment it deserves.
The trend of acquiring shows from Japan, smashing it into tiny unrecognizable pieces, and putting it back together as an entirely different show is absolutely disgusting and should have died when 4Kids Entertainment went out of business. Sure, it's mostly toy-driven crap and, outside of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, no one really cares about it. Hell, Saban Brand's predecessor, Saban Entertainment, did the same thing with Digimon, and it still remained a nostalgic childhood memory. But the fact remains, it's still a form of censorship; to deny kids even the slightest taste of another country's culture, simply because it's a "cartoon", is revolting.

On a less fanboy-ish note, YTV already tried bringing the original series, Futari wa Pretty Cure, to Canada (and the UK), with their own English dub, produced by Ocean. Even though it was somewhat faithful to the original version, it just didn't catch on. Maybe it was because YTV didn't do a good enough job promoting it or maybe it was because they aired it in the mornings of a school day. Whatever the case, it was no Sailor Moon, dare I say Winx Club was more popular?

So, 4Kids-style dubs suck and no one will watch them, the franchise isn't as popular in North America as anything before it and, much like Digimon, the follow-ups and spin-offs in the Pretty Cure franchise are disputed in terms of quality and memorability. It's almost a fool's errand to try to pull the same trick with this show. Maybe if it was the current series, Go! Princess Pretty Cure, they'd have much better luck, but I just don't see Saban having much luck with this show. Unless they plan to release Smile Precure in its original form, they're better off sticking to Digimon and Power Rangers.

Also, Glitter Force is a stupid name. Just sayin'

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