Monday, 28 September 2015


Reign is moving to E! Canada, Pretty Little Liars is ending next year, oh, and Ravenswood is still cancelled. M3 is at the end of its rope with the three big shows that have carried the network post-rebrand. The real stars of M3's lineup however are Mike & Molly, The Mentalist, and Hot and Cleveland; because they are the only shows that are aired regularly for the last three years. In those three years, M3 has grabbed, snatched, and latched onto shows that, for all intents and purposes, shouldn't be airing here.

Despite running for over 100 episodes, M3 (nor any sibling channel that I know of) NEVER aired past episodes of Pretty Little Liars, yet they reran Gilmore Girls like there was no tomorrow. Reruns of Supernatural have also moved off-network, after it was buried in a graveyard slot where no one would be awake to watch it. True Blood only aired a single season on M3 before it was taken off, as was Franklin & Bash, which should have stayed on Bravo. Oh, and the movies; Screw them. If I want to see some decent films, I'll watch Showcase.

From just that small sample, we get the message that M3 is a poser; someone trying to fit in with the cool kids. Cool kids being networks like MTV & VH1 who'd do anything but music. Yet, MTV and VH1 still remain popular because, unlike M3, they actually produce their own shit. That goes triple for CMT Canada, Aux, and even MuchMusic.

More than ever, Much is looking a lot better. Almost two years after they ditched boring teen dramas for comedies and talk shows, they have launched their own MCN on YouTube. Essentially this is their way of ditching VJs for untalented hacks like [insert stupid YouTuber here], but its a nice concept that also acknowledges that the network's former audience is online. Moreover, I'll take TripTank and Moonbeam City over The Vampire Diaries any day.

For a network billed as "larger-than-life", M3 is really lamer-than-lame. Three years later, people still think of it as the ghost of MuchMoreMusic; a network that had a purpose and identity but, like so many others, lost it to ratings, old age, and the need to appeal to everyone but their own audience. The only thing the network is good for is stealing the rights to programs they have no business airing, denying more suitable networks the chance to air them. You call it a business move, I call it fowl play. This is signature bullcrap that only Bell Media can dish out.

Enjoy the ride.

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