Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fave Five: Networks That Should Follow in TeenNick's Footsteps

From the perspective of a YTV viewer, the last couple of years from Nickelodeon are a blur. I remember iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents. The only recent series from Nick I remember seeing were The Legend of Korra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That leads me to believe that the main Nick network has only sporadically produced a single show, live-action and animated, that was worth a damn.

So, I'm convinced. Compared to everything after their 2008 rebrand, the 90s Nickelodeon felt like a way better TV channel, and TeenNick has gone above and beyond to bring it back. Subsequently, the network better known for Degrassi, Nickcoms, and burn-offs, has become arguably better than Nickelodeon itself. I'll never favor nostalgia over common sense, but if it could help TeenNick, imagine what it could do for these networks...

1) Disney XD
I love what this channel has become. No longer is it the juvenile boy version of Disney Channel, Disney XD is now the modern successor to Toon Disney we should have gotten in the first place. That being said, with news of a Ducktales reboot afoot, now is the perfect time for the network to go back to its roots.

We need to go back, long before Kim Possible, to the era of One Saturday Morning and The Disney Afternoon. There, we'll find long dormant shows like Darkwing Duck and the original Ducktales. How about some House of Mouse or Pepper Ann? Pit this against Toonami on Adult Swim, I doubt it would win, but it'd be a nice fight.

2) Disney Channel
Of course, the O.G DC should get in on the action. In fact, it's mandatory, because Disney Channel sucks. It does good in the ratings, but channel as a whole is bland, bland, bland. Of course, they already know this, which is why they introduced Disney Replay, a Throwback Thursday to the golden age. The downside is, Disney Channel doesn't have a vault as big as Nickelodeon's; you don't want to dry up the well too quickly.

The reason why Disney Channel makes this list is because, I didn't even know Disney Replay still existed until I wrote this sentence. A little more promotion would be nice, thank you very much.

3) MTV
MTV can never go back to being an all-music channel; it's foolish and futile. Besides, MTV was never truly defined by music, it was irreverent fare like Beavis and Butt-head, The Real World, and Jackass that earned the network its place in pop culture. Nowadays, MTV churns out train-wreck after horrible train-wreck, with only scripted fare, like Teen Wolf and Awkward, keeping the network relevant.

It's about time people were reminded why MTV shifted away from music in the first place. The only way to do that is if MTV ditches the syndicated crap, cracks open the vault, and give the 90s back their MTV: The MTV that was edgy, wild, unruly, and occasionally did something music-related. The idiots in suits wonder how to keep MTV relevant? My advice: try remembering why it was relevant in the first place!

4) Boomerang
Dear god, Boomerang, you don't need an explanation. I'm just gonna tell you what Shia LaBeouf told me: JUST DO IT!!!

5) Nick@Nite
...And so we come full circle. For all the bad vibes I get from people about TV Land's current direction, it's Nick@Nite that should be getting all the flack. Here we have perfect example as to why broadcast networks like Cozi and Me have beaten cable outlets for their nostalgia fix. n@n' s recent airings are little more than shows already seen on other networks, sans George Lopez and Full House. Such as Friends, which Nick has a deal with TBS to air it only at night; or How I Met Your Mother, which is seen on so many networks its not worth keeping track; or the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, currently being gangraped by BET and MTV.

What Nick@Nite really needs to do, is go back further. As long as you got Full House, I think we're overdue for some Happy Days too. Surely the premier classic TV network can do better than this, especially as TV Land continues its Gen X pursuits. If any network should be taking the initiative started by TeenNick, it's its fellow siblings.

...At least its still better Nickmom.

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