Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Comedy Central and Canadian Television

FYI, Bloomberg, Disney Channel. Is it just me, or are we just importing second-hand crap from the States these days. You know what network I want to see? Comedy Central! I find it very ironic that Bell Media has exclusive rights to Comedy Central's shows, the very same shows that helped carry The Comedy Network and got people to watch MuchMusic again, yet they never launched a local version. With the cable revolution on the way, now would be the perfect time.

I suggest doing what Corus Entertainment did with Teletoon Retro and Disney Channel. Unlike Teletoon Retro, Comedy Gold hasn't aired that many new shows since their rebrand from TV Land. In fact, some of their shows have actually moved to The Comedy Network, while The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air airs regularly on Much. If Comedy Gold gets shut down, it won't be missed.

Bell Media is in the process of converting The Comedy Network into a Category B service, which would lower CanCon requirements and enable it to air more foreign programming (and less Cash Cab reruns). It's would actually be for the best if Comedy Gold shuts down, and have its shows incorporated onto The Comedy Network's lineup.

I mean, just look at Comedy. The only shows worth a damn these days are The Big Bang Theory, Fraiser, The Daily Show, The Nightly Report, and Just for Laughs highlights. The rest of the lineup is nothing but rehashed Canadian fare (JUST. FOR. LAUGHS. GAGS!) and, most embarrassingly, shows that have supposedly moved to Much. Much has little room to air reruns of these shows, mainly because its a MUSIC network, so The Comedy Network does it instead. Classic Bell Media.

Anyway, Comedy Gold's demise would leave a slot for Bell Media to launch a new specialty channel. That channel would be the official domestic version of Comedy Central, and it wouldn't just air South Park marathons, but classics like Drawn Together and Reno 911 (a la Nickelodeon Canada). With BiteTV out of the picture, the local version of FXX lacking the Animation Domination block, and the local version of Adult Swim making a big push, a Canadian Comedy Central is just what Bell Media needs to attract potential cord-cutters.

The only alternative is for The Comedy Network to focus more on upcoming Canadian acts, air more from the Comedy Central vault, and take back (*cough*@Midnight*cough*) some of the shows (*cough*Drunk History*cough*) that are currently airing (*cough*Workaholics*cough*) on Much (*cough*Nathan for You*cough*). But since Bell Media is Bell Media, that will only happen when hell freezes over.

Ironically, Hell is an accurate description for this company.

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