Friday, 14 August 2015

Why Anime Series Won't Air in Canada Anymore


...But, seriously, Canadian networks would rather air imported U.S crap than produce their own shit, let alone shit from other countries not named India or the U.K. Besides, you can just stream that shit online. But, if that's not a good enough answer for you...

First, there's the trouble of acquiring anime for broadcast. You see, children, unlike the Bleach's and Naruto's of my time, year-long continuous series, what we call "seasons" for modern shows are treated as separate series in Japan. What the english Wikipedia calls the "seventh season" of Fairy Tail and "fifth season" of Dragon Ball Kai onward, are actually separate series. You can tell this due to the time gap in their broadcast dates. In Japan, from what I learned, a series "ends" when it doesn't air in the same timeslot the following week. If new episodes air at a later date, it's treated as a new series.
In short, acquiring the entirety of Gintama, every episode ever aired so far, is the equivalent to buying three television series, and I don't think they come cheap. Of course, this is all just a theory, based on how Adult Swim acquires their titles. How else can you explain why they only have rights to the second season of The Big O, aside from the fact that they co-produced it?

Then, there's cultural differences. Just as western adult animation has the unfortunate stigma of being nothing but Simpsons-clones, Japanese anime has gone from having the stigma of being all widget-series made on crack, to having the stigma of being all tentacle-porn and fetish fuel.
In fairness, there are a lot of shows that run on drugs, and there are a LOT of harem series in the news these days, not all of them good. Sure, its OK when it's a Bollywood movie or a British drama, but even children's anime has had to put with a good deal of censorship, even changing the damn premise in some cases.

Lastly, there's finding the right broadcaster and actually broadcasting the series. Outside of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, most networks wouldn't give anime the time of day, unless its a merchandise-driven show like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! Hell, even when they do, they will still try to fuck it up as much as possible.

Whether its YTV scheduling shows on Friday mornings, when kids have to go to school (Pokemon: Battle Dimension, Digimon Fusion, Pretty Cure), or Family Channel showing anime on Saturday mornings at times when the sun hasn't even woken up (Power Box/Jetix)! How about Teletoon's neglect to even promote their shows. Sure, now you know where Pokemon went after it left YTV, but I bet you didn't know that Buddyfight and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V also aired on this channel until you read this sentence!

Really, it's too much of a hassle, for us! I say, if broadcasters don't "get it", they shouldn't air it. CBC didn't "get" Doctor Who, so now it's on Space, and by all accounts, it should stay off the CBC. Destination America doesn't "get" pro-wrestling? Fine. Let them have their ghost and goblins speculative crap, it's not like people will watch that shit instead.
If watching Panty and Stocking on Teletoon at Night or Dragon Ball Kai on YTV means I have to put up with schedule changes, censorship, and a near-butchered broadcast, I'd rather they stick to shitty live-action movies and crappy kidcoms, respectively.

So, again I ask, why complain about Canada's treatment of Anime? You can just stream that shit online.

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