Monday, 24 August 2015

The Big Comeback (And Others)!

When I heard from SmashingTheNew that Young Justice, the greatest superhero hero show since Batman: TAS, was making a comeback, I though he was on something. Then, I actually did some research and found out that, almost two years since its cancellation, the campaign to #RenewYoungJustice is still going strong. That hashtag was actually trending this past weekend! Sadly, what STN thought was a renewal, planned for December of this year, turned out to be a hoax. Seriously, first Bloody Roar, then Crash Banidcoot (for the umpteenth time), and now this! Am I just doomed to hear nothing false hopes for franchises deserving of a revival?

Apparently not, because something else was making headlines this month: SWAT-Kats! There are no words to describe this show, other than it being criminally short-lived. SWAT-Kats, and everything else on Boomerang at the time, gave me new respect for the classics. Big shock, there was a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel series - "SWAT Kats: Revolution" (yeah, it's generic, but just roll with it, will you?) - which reached $141,500. That means, at the very least, we'll get a teaser.

Now, I won't be greedy, if I can't have a third season of Young Justice, I'll take SWAT-Kats. After all, we got reboots and comebacks up the butt. Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls are getting reboots, ReBoot is getting a reboot (That joke will never get old), a new Mega Man series is in the works and, on the east side, Speed Racer is coming back. Yes, the iconic series, originally known as Mach GoGoGo, is finally being released uncut.

So now we just have to sit and wait for actual substance from these announcements to appear. As Square-Enix taught me, announcing something is very different from actually doing something. ...Then again, I tend to do that a lot myself.

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