Saturday, 15 August 2015

Some Things I Noticed About City's Fall (2015) Schedule...
First off, Bob's Burgers and Family Guy, which will move from Global. Now, Bob's Burgers isn't all that exiting, everyone knows it's nowhere on the same level of popularity as The Simpsons and Family Guy; American Dad, maybe, but not those two. Family Guy, on the hand, is very telling. The ratings don't lie, as much as I hate acknowledging this, Family Guy is past its prime and Global has taken notice. The Simpsons IS pop culture, I'd be surprised if it made it past 30 seasons, but it's gonna to be a little while longer before that show comes to an end, or loses steam, and that's what Global is counting on. In their mind, they're basically giving City used goods.

Next up is The Mindy Project, which is now flying under the Hulu banner after FOX cancelled it. I'd like to get something off my chest because you idiots thought you would never see it again, since Hulu is STILL not available in Canada, but here it is. Even it wasn't on City's schedule, it would have probably been streaming on Shomi, which will soon be out of "beta" and available to all cord cutters. All I say is, If you're too morally-righteous, or dim, to go to a back-alley pirate site or use a VPN, you have yourself to blame for missing the show. After all, why let Hulu get away with their bullcrap, when you have alternatives? Seriously, leave the TV talk to the professionals and keep your crap where I can't see it.

Then there are those homegrown Canadian shows that I'm really looking forward to. Sunnyside is really funny and unique show that I would have missed out on if FX Canada hadn't aired the show a half-hour before City aired it, which was probably when a show I'm already following was on. Meanwhile, because Rogers and CBC has improved their working relationship, they will rerun CBC's comedy Mr.D, while CBC itself airs Young Dunk Punk, another great new show that City also screwed. Seriously Rogers, you need to stop throwing your shows into the fire and give them a chance to stand on their own two feet first! Keep that shit up and FX will never be rid of those Package Deal reruns.

Finally, if you didn't notice (or if you were the above mentioned morons), take a good look at City's current lineup. That's right, the bulk of their shows were all acquired from FOX.  Co-coincidentally, City and FOX both target a younger demographic than their peers and their parent companies, Rogers and 21st Fox, co-own the Canadian FX Networks. I know I'm thinking too much, but perhaps we could be seeing the beginning of something more bigger.

...But seriously, buy a damn VPN, you morons!

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