Friday, 24 July 2015

This is why I'm not interested in Superhero cartoons anymore...

I feel as though we're living in the dork age of superhero cartoons. Right now, the only show worth a damn is Avengers Assemble. Whereas Ultimate Spider-Man is an unhealthy mix between action and widget humor and Agents of S.M.A.S.H was a horrible reality show parody (seriously, I'd rather watch Total Drama, at least that was fun to watch), Avengers Assemble is a straight-forward action show. It wants to be like it's predecessor, the far superior Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but has to play by the same rule book as it's crappy sibling shows: appeal to kids, focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and throw complexity and maturity out the window.

This, and other shit, is probably due to executives who don't know shit about TV. There's no reason why Young Justice or Beware the Batman shouldn't have been renewed, they just are because the "guys in suits" didn't like it. Not the audience or critics who praised both shows, the suits who have all the money and power. What they did like was Teen Titans Go so, to keep that show on the air, they screwed over the latter two. I can't prove that, I'm just making shit up, but considering how Cartoon Network and Boomerang plays episodes of Go ad nauseum, I'd say its a good theory.

Here's the thing, in a perfect world, Young Justice & The Spectacular Spider-Man would have made it to season three and Beware the Batman & Green Lantern would have been given a second chance. Why? Because those shows were made by comic-book fans, for comic-book fans, or at least by people who already knew how to tell a good story and just happened to used conic-book characters to tell it. The shows we have now are corporate-mandated and produced solely for ratings and merchandise.

I'm not saying they all suck; Avengers Assemble is still the only show worth a damn, at least until Guardians of the Galaxy arrives, and I'm glad its coming back for season three. What I'm saying is even those who liked Ultimate Spider-Man and Teen Titans Go, though I can't imagine why, have to acknowledge why those shows exist in the first place. There's was something far better on the air a few years ago and it was screwed over to make room for kiddy fodder. That's why these suits don't get any respect, nor should they.

Cockroaches are worth more then those hacks!

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