Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Tumors That Need To Be Cut

In a follow up to The Biggest Problems Facing Speciality Channels/Cable Networks Nowadays.., we take a look at the specialty channels these companies, and television lovers as a whole, would be better off without.

Bell Media
BookTelevision, Fashion Television, MTV2

Book and Fashion are examples of why decay might save a channel's life, why such a narrow focus will ultimately kill a channel. I'm not saying Book should be airing reruns of the Vampire Diaries, even though it is based on a book, I'm saying they should have been more clever with the types of programs they air. Appealing to a wider audience isn't a bad thing, ignoring shows you're supposed to air in favor of shows you shouldn't is.

It doesn't help that Bell won't even promote these channels, their press site doesn't even knowledge they exist! Networks like these exist solely for their parent's benefit, a little extra cash from cable packages that will go into promoting their more larger networks. It's disgusting.

Rogers Media

At least the Biography channel is doing its job right; all it needs is a fresh coat of paint to let people know it still exists. Meanwhile, Rogers has decided to put The Shopping Channel up for sale; I guess they finally realized that promoting a friggin' shopping channel won't earn them any extra cash.

No, the real problem with Rogers Media is G4, it's sole reason for existing is Electric Playground shows. Nobody cares about Bang Goes The Theory or any History Channel show, they care about video games and technology. Apparently, Bang and History programing counts as shows related to "technology", just not the one you'd expect from the Canadian version of a American network formally dedicated to video games.

Gaming websites, even the juvenile Machinima.com, are better alternatives to networks like G4. Like BookTelevision, they should have been more clever with their programming. They should have stuck with Anime Current and introduced more genre-related shows. Instead, they did OLN & Adult Swim shows and got called out by the CRTC. On what planet was that ever a good idea?

At this point Rogers has only two options: shut it down and move EP Daily and Reviews on the Run to FX or find some new shows to air and rebrand. Sucking on revenue from cable bundles like a parasite won't save G4, it's just delaying the invertible.

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