Wednesday, 15 July 2015

SPIKE is the "One To Watch" No, Seriously, it is!

Up until now, Bar Rescue has been the only show on Spike worth a crap. Well, actually, that's not true. Outside of combat sports, there's also Ink Master, Cops, and Jail; but only Cops has made headlines. Everything else was rightfully treated as C-list fodder, even TNA's programming sucked.

The rebrand in March was supposed to change that, as Spike cemented its transformation from male entertainment network, to a more general-interest channel. It didn't seem like much as first, but now, things are changing. Lip Sync Battle is quickly becoming to Spike, what Wild n' Out & Guy Code are to MTV2; the one show to watch on an otherwise irrelevant network. Thanks to Premier Boxing Champions, Spike was able to replace its pro-wrestling gout with a long-forgotten sport in dire need of a new audience outside of pay TV.

But the real meat, the main event, arrives this Sunday: TUT. Everything has been leading up to this, Spike's return to scripted programming in a very big way. Even it turns out to be a flop, the huge buzz generated ensures the network some new viewers, and there's still more to come. Reality television isn't dead, but for cable networks to survive, they gotta pretend it is. You gotta go out and create your own epic moments; nothing you'll see in TUT can be replicated by any docu-drama, unless its one of those shameless "re-enactment" shows TruTV is trying to ditch.

Really, it's been a transitional period for Viacom Media Networks as a whole. TV Land is looking towards edgy scripted series, Logo is looking for a new identity outside of being the "Drag Race network", MTV2 becoming a comedy network, MTV1 trying to stay relevant, and BET doing god knows what after the cancellation of 106 & Park. Of them all, I'm confident Spike will turn out the best. Viacom may be the American equivalent to Bell Media, but...

Nope, that's about it. Have a nice day.

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