Thursday, 9 July 2015

"Post-Episode Update" Update

Still planning on returning to Brawl machinima, I just hit it a pothole is all. In the meantime, I was thinking of finishing Reycralibur after all, instead of just leaving it to dry. Not that it means Aile x Opal, the reboot, is cancelled, it just means I have something else to occupy my time when I'm not working on that series. I cancelled Reycralibur a few months after I finished episode twelve, which would have reveled EVERYTHING, and a remake of episode one, which would have tied it all together. The series was just an episode or two away from wrapping up completely.

I cancelled it because I became disillusioned with everything I've done up until this point. There's a reason why I called this show the "Crysis of Smash Bros. machinima". But, as I was doing the AxO pilot, I grew a bit frustrated coming up with a story. I realized that, for better or worse, I had something with Reycralibur, and I was going to throw it away in favor of something completely different. All because I didn't want to do another Smash Bros machinima with Link as a protagonist.

I will get around to releasing episode twelve, and the remake, once I've had some time to polish things up. Then, rather than leave the show hanging, I'll do...something. I won't jinx things like I always do but, I'm going to do something with Reycralibur, rather then just release episode twelve and leave people hanging.

In the meantime, I've decided to come out of my basement and join a new machinima group. Yes, another one. They call themselves RetroPixels and their ranks include SmashingTheNew, WisemanThe13th, TeamRegiGigas, HylianPrincessLida, and some other jobbers that didn't make it into Virtual Smash (or Digital Shadows). Check us out, we need the subs. ...Well, they need the subs, I just want brownies.

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