Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I'm Still Using Hola. -_-

http://hola.org/blog/the-recent-events-on-the-hola-network (I know I'm late, but...)
...Because I'm a sucker for getting shit that I can't get in Canada. To hell with this geo-blocking bullshit.

Still, if we all read the fine print, we would have been weary of the millions of viruses our computers have caught thanks to a botnet using Hola Better Internet. Better yet, if Hola was upfront about this shit, we wouldn't have this problem. I didn't know how all shit worked until it was too late. Despite the fact that their reputation is now in the toilet, Hola, apparently, refuses to apologize for all the damages they cost, asserting themselves as "a peer to peer network". You know, like LimeWire or Kazaa. ...Yeah, like Kazaa.

I know Hola isn't a major name on the internet, if it were Google, they would deserve the backlash and then some. But they're not, they're a small group who grew by word of mouth, which is all the more reason why they, in addition to the work they've done fixing their shit, should have just apologized. Two little words: "We're Sorry". It might not mean a lot these days, except for PR, but it at least better than just telling me that their fixing their shit. I know they'll fix their shit, I want to think they're doing it out of remorse.

The keyword here is think. "Sorry" won't fix the adware that has plagued my computer for sometime but, if they ever hope to get back into good graces, it's a better start. Not that I think fandom and viewership should be top priority. ...Especially as of late... Despite this, I'm still using Hola. As long as they fix their shit, I'm still gonna use it because, again, I'm a sucker for free shit and I hate geo-blocking. Of course, I won't be an idiot and tell everyone else to use it too. Clearly, you'd be better off with something like Hotspot Shield. Unless you want to watch Hulu, in which case, sucks to be you.

Did I mention I hate geo-blocking? I really do.

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