Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Frederation Force: What's Wrong With You People?

You are all in the wrong.

Nintendo, I was promised a world premiere game at this year's World Championships. But instead of a "Super Mario Bros. 3", I got a mulitplayer mode of a spin-off of a franchise that is long overdue for a proper installment. You promised gold, and gave us silver. This is what you get for being half-assed.

But, as always, gamers are in the wrong. Some asshole had the nerve to put up a petition to get the game cancelled. It's been well documented that publishers are trying to control developers to make the games they want to make, and this could be one of those cases. But now gamers are doing the same shit, forcing developers to make the games they want to play, as opposed to the games the developers want to make. Never mind the fact that petitions and protests and all that shit never works, that fact that its come to this only proves that gamers are basement-dwelling bastards incapable of thinking rational.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 was shit. You don't see me lighting torches.

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