Thursday, 2 July 2015

Anything's Better Than YTV

...Because MTV2 Canada is butch compared to this shit. Short answer: It sucks. Long answer: It's the bleeding black heart of all corporate-sponsored, factory-produced, cheap, low quality, kiddy fodder that has plagued kid networks around the world for the last decade. Even if they suddenly started airing anime again (which would be pointless since you can just stream it), even if Nickelodeon started producing better shows, it still wouldn't change the fact that YTV's original programming has gone downhill in recent years.

Compare that shit to BBC Kids, a network that not only airs YTV's good shows, but a plethora of other great shows for kids and teens. I'm not a fan of Dance Academy, but I know it's better than Open Heart. As long as programming from Nickelodeon is the only thing worth a damn on YTV (mostly Spongebob, Ninja Turtles and Korra), you might as well watch the Canadian version, since they also broadcast their older shows. After all, when it comes to kidcoms, Nick's were the my opinion.

Hell, if your looking for more animated entertainment, just watch Cartoon Network. Unlike the American version, the Canadian version gives screen time to all of their shows; past, present, and future. We don't have a localized version of Toonami, like Asia and India, but we do have better cartoon shows. Then there's Teletoon, a network that's finally getting back on track after years of forgettable live-action fare, and My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Teletoon's original programming has gotten better, with Detentionaire, the short-lived Packages From Planet X, a sixth season of Totally Spies that (in my opinion) was WAY better then the fifth, and Endangered Species being the biggest highlights. Even putrid piles of puke like The Day My Butt When Psycho and Rocket Monkeys are better then Kid vs Kat and, especially, Numb Chucks. Sadly, I can't say the same about Teletoon at Night, but throw in YTV's action programming, which was abandoned to make room for more crappy movies, and you got a network that's more then deserving to take their spot as the top youth network in Canada.

Unless, of course, Family Channel beats them to it once they ditch all that Disney-drivel for more seasons of The Next Step and Gaming Show, the new Degrassi: Next Class, and any other show DHX owns. Really, the only network worse off than YTV, is Family Channel's cable sibling, the Canadian version of Disney XD. The American version has evolved from being the juvenile boy version of Disney Channel to become the go-to channel for animated series and action programming. The Canadian version has become a dumping ground for crappy kidcoms on par with anything on YTV.

At this point, the only thing YTV has going for it is ReBoot: The Guardian Code, assuming that they'll air it. Why wouldn't they? Good or bad, it will be better than anything else the network has churned out in years. If I ever have kids, I'd sooner let them watch grass grow then anything thing on this network.

Also, screw The Next Star. I'm glad that shit's cancelled.

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