Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Greatest Sonic Boom Rant EVER!!!

Why? Because I did it!

Right now, the only thing the Sonic franchise has going for it is Sonic Boom on Cartoon Network. It's basically Crash Bandicoot with Sonic characters; a comedy series that gets its giggles from awkward conversations, the frenemy relationship between Sonic and Dr. Eggman, and from taking refuge in general silliness. Kids love it and, apparently, the older fanbase seems to like it too. However, that's mostly because, since Lost World, recent outings in the franchise have once again declined in reception.

Sonic Boom is a "westernized" spin-off franchise, it's not a part of the main continuity of the games and it's not going to replace them. That's a sigh a relief because, as far as reception goes, Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal may very well be the worst thing to happen to Sonic since Sonic '06 and the comic has also received a fair bit of criticism. One might think SEGA would abandon the series right here and stick to the TV show. After all, what was the point of Sonic Boom in the first place? A "westernized" branch of Sonic? So your saying that Sonic games need to be more "western-based"? 

Anyway, that won't be the case. Fire and Ice, a third game, will be released this holiday season on 3DS and it sounds like Sanzaru Games has learned from their mistakes. ...Sounds like it. More importantly, whereas the last two games had jack-shit to do with the TV show, Fire and Ice will more closer in tone. That's all I really care about. The TV show isn't perfect, but it's a nice watch and I don't see the rest of this "westernized" series getting any bigger than that.

...Don't ask me if it's doing better than Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

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