Monday, 15 June 2015

Midnight (Club) Memories

So long, Machinination. It's nothing personal, it's that I like Most Wanted 2012 and you're wrong for hating on it JUST because it has a similar name. This type of unintelligent bullcrap is what I get for hanging around retarded gamer forms. Now, someone actual intelligence would have criticized the game for being too similar to Hot Pursuit 3, as well as Burnout. But what I can say? Gamers are stupid.

Now, If I'm not mistaken, weren't there other arcade racing games besides Need for Speed or Burnout? Yes, it's called Midnight Club and it is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest street racing game series of all time. How can it not? Rockstar made it! I still remember all the fun I've had in Midnight Club 3, more so than any other racing game I've played. In what other racing game can you race in an open world, drive cars AND motorcycles, use power-ups, and create your own tracks? ...Exactly, NONE!

Los Angeles was a nice next-gen installment, but it was also a poor mishmash of Midnight Club and the more story-based Rockstar franchises. Sucks to be me though, that was the last game to be released; the franchise has been dormant ever since. I doubt a new game will be revealed anytime soon, so now I'm stuck with Burnout clones, racing sims, and Mario Kart clones.

The racing genre is all but dead to me.

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