Saturday, 30 May 2015

Machinima News: The Series That Never Was... (5/30/2015)

For the Reycralibur reboot, I've been playing with the idea of an action-comedy staring Opal and Aile. This is despite the fact that I wanted to avoid have Link as a main character like he is in almost EVERY Smash Bros. machinima. That's all I got, because something else has been on my mind lately: Sonichu.

A few years ago, I came up with an idea to produce a Brawl machinima remake of Sonichu. It would have been a loose adaption of the main story, minus issues #7, #8, and #10, for various reasons.. What can I say, it's Sonichu, there were few good things I can take away from it, and this is coming from a guy who liked the Mario movie. The series would have stared a completely new heroine, instead of a Sonic/Pokemon-knockoff, while several other characters would get completely new backstories or be written out altogether.

Years later, I'm still itching to do the reboot, but I'm too lazy and Brawl machinima isn't very popular anymore, outside of works by the Digital Shadows anyways. Still, I've saved the textures I would have used for the reboot; all I really need to do is to rewrite the script. Besides, it was going to be a back-to-basics machinima series anyways: no over-the-top animesque openings or anything. Part of the reason why I don't do Brawl machinima anymore is because I was so focused on video quality and hacks. Nowadays, I'd stick to textures hacks, and I'd pick my fast & easy Dazzle over my over-complicated Hauppauge PVR anyday.

Maybe, if I get some time alone this summer...

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