Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lighting a Fuse

You may know Fuse for The Whitest Kids U'Know, Billy on the Street, being the American version of MuchMusic, or for being MTV with music videos. However, if Fuse's upfront announcement and the changes that follows prove anything, it's that the network has gotten a new nickname: MTV 2.0

The deception goes back to when, instead of being bought by Diddy and his music network, the far more successful Revolt, Fuse was sold to Nuvo TV and Jennifer Lopez. In the months since then, Fuse News was cancelled, and the network introduced such fare as Miami Ink reruns and LFL games. Keep in mind that the latter previously aired on MTV2, further cementing the notion that Fuse Media favors ratings over actual musical content.

In fairness, Fuse has been struggling, thanks to services like Vevo and even, if your lucky enough to live in the right city, TheCoolTV. I don't fully understand what Revolt or AUX are doing differently, but it's clearly working better than what Fuse has been doing. It would have made more sense to position Nuvo TV as a general-interest network and for Fuse to broadcast more alternative programming. Aside from sports entertainment and comedy specials, Fuse could also air anime or some cult series; anything would be better than some random reality show.

But instead, Nuvo TV will "fold into" Fuse, which just some mumbo jumbo corporate bullcrap for: "We're shutting down Nuvo TV and may or may not replace it with a new music network." Like, seriously, I HATE it when they talk like this! If your gonna say something, JUST SAY IT! Anyways, Fuse Media will eventually launch a new music network called FM, which is probably just an equivalent to Much and MTV's digital networks. You know, the ones that nobody watches.

If I sound critical, that's only because Fuse is going down the same road MTV and MuchMusic did. The difference is, MTV is always evolving with its audience, Much is a disgrace to Canada and it's music scene. I will say that Fuse's current and upcoming slate of shows do show some promise. With an animated comedy, reality shows about dancing, and some new talk shows, Fuse might just burn a little bit longer and a bit brighter.

Then again, is it even worth it?

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