Saturday, 16 May 2015

Let's Talk (Legends) Football

When you love, or at least like, something, you have to be critical about. You have to call bullshit when you see it. I'm about as big a fan of the LFL as I am of sports in general; not very much. But I do enjoy watching games which means, according to TV Tropes, I'm too cheap to buy Cinemax for this shit. Then again, fuck TV Tropes, because the LFL has come a long way from being cheap fanservice. ...All the more reason why I have to be critical, because there is still some shit I have to get off my chest. It's not T&A, but it smells like TNA.

First and foremost, the name. They used to be known as the Lingerie Football League, but now they're called the Legends Football League, which sounds like the name of some shitty fantasy league made by four year olds. I guess the "Ladies Football League" was too sexist. Their performance gear looks almost identical to the uniforms they wore under the Lingerie banner, which makes me wonder how female wrestlers flew under the radar for so long. Then I realized I don't even give a shit.

Let's talk broadcasting, because that's the name of the game. The LFL's broadcasting partners in the past included MyNetworkTV, MTV2, and their own YouTube channel - complete with YouTube-quality production value. Given their reputation, these are types of networks you team up with, not because of your potential for growth, but because they really need the ratings. Hence, their current partner, Fuse, who seeks to "expand beyond music programing". By which I mean, they would rather do this than focus on music.

That's fine, but this tape-delay bullshit is really starting to piss me off. Whereas pro-wrestling companies post their shows within two days of taping, those living in the United States have to wait a full week to watch LFL games on Fuse, while the rest of us have to wait another week to watch them on their YouTube channel. This basically means that their website is off limits until the end of the season, unless I want to see spoilers for the games. Even worse, as of writing, the rest of this week's game STILL hasn't been uploaded to YouTube: ten hours after the second quarter. I might as well see if someone DVR'd the Fuse broadcast, and uploaded it to a pirate site, because this is juvenile.

They supposedly have leagues all over the globe, but really, only the one in the USA is active. Canada's league has been on hiatus since 2014; Australia's league has run into some legal trouble, on top of losing their broadcast deal with 7mate; and rest aren't even worth talking about. At this point, Canadians would be better off joining the WWCFL. The only difference is that I won't see them, or any other women's league for that matter, on national television anytime soon, because mainstream sports networks are sexist and only care about ratings.

There are just so many things wrong with the LFL, it's stunning that this is the only women's sporting event I can see on a regular basis. Yet I can't stop watching, because it's far more entertaining then regular football. I just wish they would take things a bit more seriously and get their shit together. Seriously guys, because a girl could run this shit better, focus on building your franchise before you go global and ditch the green screen, then you brag about how much you are better then the NFL.

Until then, leave the bragging rights to an actual women's league.

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