Saturday, 9 May 2015

I'd Love to See a New Crash Bandicoot Game...

My favorite racing game was, hands down, Crash Tag Team Racing! When it comes to the Clashing mechanic, Mario Kart ain't got shit - Double Dash, maybe, but not Mario Kart. Some of you would agree with me, except for the fact that this was the first game to be developed by Radical Entertainment, or as I'd like to call them, the "Crash Killers".

On top of CTTR's unnecessary platforming element, and character changes that might have made hardcore fanboys cringe, The "Titan Trilogy"'s mediocre repetition killed the main series. Thanks to a bunch of crappy handheld games, including the infamous Crash Boom Bang, the franchise hit rock bottom. To be fair, as far as the main series goes, the post-Naughty Dog games didn't exactly get the same reception as Sonic or Mega Man games get nowadays, but they weren't terrible either. It wasn't until after Crash Tag Team Racing was released that the franchise started going downhill.

What really pisses me off though is the way Activision has been talking about the games since. When Eric Hirshberg talked about "finding a way to bring Crash back", he was clearly taking about doing to Crash, what Activision has already done to the likes of Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. Skylanders, for all the undeserved blacklash it got, was a blessing compared to that. Since then, whenever someone, or something (#4ThePlayers), brings up Crash Bandicoot, there's always an Activision rep right around the corner to deliver some half-assed statement about how they would love to bring the series back.

Instead of talking about bringing Crash back, Activision should have already done it. I hate it when a publisher hogs the rights to a franchise they don't give a crap about, when they can easily sell the rights to someone who does and make some extra cash - Konami, I'm looking at you. When all is said and done, I do believe Crash is need of a reboot, or at least, a snap back. But I highly doubt we're gonnna get one anytime soon. It's about as likely as Mega Man making a comeback.

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