Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Problem With Youth Networks

I've been wanting to get this off my chest. Forget YTV for a second, let's talk about MTV2 Canada again, because, quite frankly, you know how I feel about that channel. Whatever YTV has done to deserve it's heat (ie alienated older audiences, produced crappy Spongebob-knockoffs, etc), MTV2 deserves just as much.

Razer had everything that I could ever want in a speciality service, it had diverse programming: comedies, teen dramas, anime, music shows, extreme sports, and some really good movies. They carried over most of that stuff to its rebrand as MTV2, but then slowly devolved into the crappy waste of space that they are now. I guess it's because MTV2 targets a more older demographic than Razer did, but I'd rather not give those scumbags at Bell Media any sort of sympathy; that belongs to G4.

You got to understand, shows about technology and gaming are every bit a money pit as shows related to music. It's not like you just create a channel that shows nothing but game trailers and expect people to watch; music videos, maybe. That's why G4 did what it did, and that's why G4techTV, to distinguish it from the American version, also did what it did, but better. By incorporating X-Play and Attack of the Show with the shows produced by The Electric Playground, G4techTV was able to build an audience of teens and young adults and capitalize on it without violating their licence.

They had adult animated series, anime, and comedies, all of which were related to technology or gaming. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it was. You see, the problem with G4techTV was that it was way too faithful to it's American counterpart. They got rid of Anime Current and replaced with ADd, then threw in a bunch of shit that also didn't have anything to do with technology. It's got so bad that the CRTC had to intervene; what you see on G4 nowadays is the aftermath, and it ain't pretty.

I don't need to say anything about YTV that anyone my age hasn't already said. Teletoon is better, it just is. Sure, with The Haunting Hour, My Babysitter's a Vampire, and now the original drama, Open Heart (from the makers of Degrassi), they're in a slightly better place then they were before. But even if they bring back Bionix, which they REALLY need to do, it won't change the fact that the only good shows on YTV come from Nickelodeon. You might as well watch the Canadian version of Nick, hell, you might as well watch BBC Kids: now that's a network I'd let my kids watch.

At this point, it seems MTV would be a better network to watch, which I find very depressing. Is it any wonder why no one watches TV anymore? This shit ain't worth it, not when I can watch better stuff on Netflix.

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