Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Fate of Disney XD

Disney XD started off as a more juvenile version of Disney Channel. Save for shows like Arron Stone and Zeek & Luthor, as well as reruns of shows carried over from Toon Disney, Jetix, and ABC Kids, the rest of the channels output was much of the same garbage that aired on Disney Channel.

Over time though, particularly with the launch of Marvel Universe, the channel started to get better. Premiers of Disney Channel cartoons moved to Disney XD, Shows like Motorcity and Tron: Uprising turned some heads, and even their live-action output was becoming more watchable. It has gotten to the point where Disney XD has become, in most ways, better than Disney Channel.

But that's the American version, the Canadian version is every bit as bad as Disney XD was back in those days. That's why I'm glad that DHX Media is rebranding it as Family XTRM, it means one less crappy American-branded channel clogging up my dial. I just hope the new channel's output won't be as bad as it is now.

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