Thursday, 16 April 2015

RE: Corus gains Canadian rights to Disney Channel content
I just heard that DHX Media and Disney are calling it quits, which means the Family Channel will never have to air Disney Channel's tweenage crap again! However, Corus Entertainment now owns the rights to Disney Channel and Disney XD's programming and plan on launching, god help us all, a Canadian version of Disney Channel later this year!

The news is bittersweet for me because, as much as I like Girl Meets World, Disney cartoons, and virtually everything on Disney XD (except most the sitcoms, of course), the rest of Disney Channel's programming is so godawful and the Canadian version of Disney XD has become nothing but a rerun farm of that crap. It's very exiting that the channel that was originally licensed as "Family Extreme" will get a reboot and, hopefully, better shows.

On the other hand, it's bad enough that Corus already owns Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and their Canadian counterparts, but now they get to add Disney Channel to the mix. When CTV bought TSN, the CRTC forced them to sell Sportsnet because they couldn't own two major sports networks, just like they did when they bought CHUM and were forced to sell Citytv. So excuse me if I find it farfeched that the CRTC will allow Corus to launch another kids network, when they already own four!

It get worse. If they can't get away with owning five kids networks, they might just have to incorporate Disney Channel's crap onto YTV's lineup. That's a fall from grace if I ever saw one: YTV goes from weird shows, anime & teen dramas, to low-budget kid-coms and Disney Channel crap. At least Teletoon would get the mercy of only airing Disney's cartoons; they already air Marvel Universe, and I wouldn't mind them throwing Star Wars Rebels into the mix.

But I just don't see myself getting behind this. The last thing Canadian networks need is another monopoly, especially when the pick-and-pay revolution is right around the corner.

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