Monday, 6 April 2015

Another Pointless MuchMusic Rant...

I have no problem with MuchMusic's current direction. Compared to the crap the American networks did, I find it a nice change of pace. I certainly didn't complain when they got rid of The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars and I complained less when they aired The Cleveland Show instead. I like what they're doing; what I don't like is why. Ratings.

Let's talk original programs. For the record, The Wedge was hands down the best show on Much; Video on Trial hasn't been good since CHUM was bought out. Also, if I want to watch an awards show that panders to tweens, I'd watch the Teen Choice Awards, not the MMVAs. It doesn't matter now anyways. Thanks to cutbacks, Much will never produce another show again. You know you've hit rock bottom when you can't even afford to produce one of the cheapest shows ever made.

Much would much rather air Comedy Central's shows then produce their own. The problem with that is, it just makes you want to watch Comedy Central instead. With the exception of Tosh.0, @midnight, and maybe South Park, all those shows should be on The Comedy Network. I don't like all three of these shows but, given this is a "pop culture" network we're talking about, at least THAT makes sense.

Look, Much, you already got The Tonight Show, Conan, The Simpsons, Community, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in regular airings. All you needed to do was make better use of them. You didn't need to air Jimmy Kimmel Live reruns, TBS sitcoms, or no-name game shows to get more viewers. If you REALLY need something for late night, or some extra ratings in non-peak hours, why don't you "play some more damn videos?!"

...How is it that TSN isn't this bad?

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