Monday, 6 April 2015

10 Things You Should Know About

1. I know it sounds strange for someone who enjoys watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand to worry about what's on Teletoon. After all, it's no Cartoon Network. But, between Nerd Corps new series, Endangered Species, and the new version of Inspector Gadget, I'd say these are Teletoon's best shows in a LONG time.

2. Vice and Bloomberg are launching new networks later this year. More importantly, G98.7 FM (CKFG) is launching a new television network later this year.

3. MuchMusic is launching a new multi-channel network on YouTube. Great, another reason to hate MuchMusic AND YouTube.

4. Pick-and-Pay will be a thing. Yay!

5. Fuse is rebranding as a pop culture/entertainment/lifestyle network. Been there, Done that, Fuck that.

6. Toonami has launched a new channel in India. Yet, the main block on Adult Swim is getting shorter. I know I shouldn't worry but, one word: Bionix.

7. Hulu is now available in Canada ...and April Fool's was five days ago.

8. Showcase got a makeover to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. They also replaced the old voice announcer with the guy from MysteryTV.

9. G4 Canada was launched in HD. In other news, people still watch G4.

10. I got nothing

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