Sunday, 15 March 2015

Another MTV2 Canada Rant

I hate the Canadian version of MTV2. I REALLY hate that channel. 

I love MTV2 because it's like the young adult version of TBS and their original shows are so fun to watch. Don't get me wrong, it's a farcry from what it used to be, but it's infinitely better than MTV. The Canadian version, on the other hand, is an ungodly abomination. A twisted version of what MuchMusic could have been if they completely abandoned music programming, but didn't air comedies either. 

First of all, what's the main reason behind bringing an American channel on Canadian soil? To broadcast their shows, that's why! So, where the hell is Guy Code? I see Girl Code, and I know MuchMusic aired Guy Code in the past. Why the hell didn't they pick up the rest of the series? What happened to Wild n Out and Nitro Circus Live? Why can't I find any of these shows? I assume that Bell Media only has exclusive rights to shows on MTV, not MTV2 (or VH1, for that matter). 

Instead, I get a bunch of Degrassi reruns! Sure, they got Clueless and Student Bodies, if you're interested in classic Canadian series. They also have Sabrina and Malcolm in the Middle, both of which have aired on the American version. But nine out of ten times it's nothing but Degrassi, which is ironic considering new episodes moved to Canada's MTV in 2013 to make room for more comedies on Much. They might as well have moved it to MTV2, since that's all it ever airs!

Hell, while I'm at it, they should have also moved Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries to MTV2, instead of M3. MTV2 is licensed as a youth network; M3 is supposed to target adults. The only logical excuse is that M3 is more wildly available, whereas MTV2 is usually lumped in a cable package with actual music channels. 

If that's the case, then why bother keep the channel on air? Since MTV Canada isn't licensed to air half of MTV's shows - Remember, they're licensed as a network for talk shows - why not just move the rest of MTV's shows to MTV2, switch channel slots with MTV2, shut down MTV Canada, and rebrand MTV2 as MTV Canada? Because Bell Media isn't as clever as the owners of PrideVision TV...and because that idea is just too confusing for anyone to follow.

It's funny, MTV2 Canada didn't used to be this bad. When it was first rebranded from what used to be known as Razer, the worst thing that happened was that Kamikaze, an anime block, was cancelled. Other than that, it was every bit as awesome as it's predecessor: music videos, cool movies, extreme sports, and awesome shows! THIS is what a youth entertainment network should be like, hell, this what MTV2 itself should be like!

But now, it's just another outlet for crap that only tween twats would enjoy. You wanna know why cord cutting is the way to go? It's because Canadian networks nowadays only appeal to, and I'm sorry if I offend anyone for saying this, Women, soccer-moms, kids, and Bieber fangirls. With shit like this, it's no wonder cable subscriptions have been dropping. I'm better off going to the American website and watching the shows there. 

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