Monday, 23 February 2015

My "Head" Feels Better (Update February 2015)

Picking up from yesterday's post, I will "try" to finish up Reycralibur episodes one and twelve for a double release sometime in Spring, when I actually feel like working. Sadly, I am contemplating the possibility of a remake of episode five. This will put episode thirteen on haitus, but it will better streamline the story after all the recons I've made. The downside, I'm gonna die before I finish this series...

Meanwhile, I've been looking into doing livestreams. Previously, I tried CODCasting with Black Ops II, but I couldn't get it to work properly. Besides, I'm more interested in Team Fortress 2 and Ultimate Ninja Storm now. So, if that's what your into, check out my Twitch channel sometime ( I'm just playing around right now, so it's nothing major. However, I do plan on doing scheduled sessions in the future.

I've all but abandoned my Wordpress site; I'll stick around Blogger for now since it's more accessible. Also, since SOMEHOW ZippCast is still around, stop by my channel for new videos, after I upload them to Dailymotion of course, and some reuploads from TheAbridged149. Hope you like watching people getting killed.

Finally, tonight I will begin reuploading The Abridged Knights of Brawl. It's been a long time coming but, since this will be the only thing people will remember me for, I might as well. Check back every weeknight @ 8pm. I will also reupload episodes of Reycralibur after I finish the episode one remake...and again after the episode five remake.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Head Hurts, Fuck It.

In case you give a crap, I've finished filming episode twelve of Reycralibur as well as the episode one remake. The reason why they're taking so long is because I don't want to do the series anymore. I am going to finish it, but I'm in no rush. In fact, I'm looking into creating a new series in Smash Flash and SSB Crusade. But with my crappy work ethic, I doubt it will ever happen.

I was thinking of bringing back Typhoon School, but I've wasted so much money buying equipment it's not even worth the effort. I should get a job, but I'm too lazy to finish my resume. That's my problem. I've tried Brawl machinima, let's plays, random commentaries; it's all pointless because I lack the motivation to follow through. So, screw it, I want to focus on more short-form entertainment. I'll stick to what I know.

I'm so bored. I don't feel like playing any video games, I don't have ambitions, and I really, really, REALLY, hate other people's opinions. Yet, I'm always wasting my time on the internet. I'm even putting this crap out there despite the fact that no one will read this, which is especially pointless since, again, I want to hear my own thoughts. I'm tired of all the noise, so I've exiled myself from that shit. I wish I could quit the internet altogether, but my real life sucks because I hate every person I meet. So I'm stuck here.


If Bell Media Weren't Run by Incompetent Morons [Repost 1/7/2015]

1) Comedy Central's programming would remain on the Comedy Network were it belongs.
2) Comedy Network and Much would put an emphasis on original programming instead of American shows.
3) Much would incorporate more pop culture-related programming (popular shows, movies, talk shows, etc.) instead of just comedies.
3b) Much would actually focus more on music
3c) Much would actually focus more on good music
4) MTV2 would actually air MTV2 shows
4b) Bell Media would acknowledge it's existence.
5) M3 wouldn't have to steal shows from better networks
6) Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham would air reruns on Space instead of M3
6b) Space wouldn't be airing Castle reruns
7) The MuchComedy suite would be just as good as their other channels.
8) I wouldn't have to waste my time ranting about how much these guys suck at their jobs.

Is Bell Media the Electronic Arts of specialty services? [Repost 7/28/2014]

YES! Because that explains EVERYTHING!
As one of the largest video game companies in America, Electronic Arts is always willing to butcher themselves, and others, in hopes of creating a "high-quality" product for their customers. Look no further then the buggy Battlefield launches, the SimCity controversy, and the death of Medal of Honor for proof. People were ripped-off, brands were ruined, and EA profits regardless. There really is no other perfect comparison I can make.
Let's review. Can anyone tell me what Fashion Television, BookTelevision, and MTV2 have in common? They are channels that have been left in limbo, ignored in favor of specialty services that people actually give a crap about. By that I mean, in this era of homogenized television pandering to women and children, true blue niche networks that haven't abandoned their original format and "broadened their demographic" are left to rot with no promotion or new content. It's like what happened to Scream only, instead of becoming the generic Dusk, Corus shut it down. That's merciful compared to what Bell Media is doing to these three channels.
The "successful" networks in Bell Media's portfolio didn't get to where they are without doing a few changes or otherwise selling their souls either. I don't mind Much's current direction one bit, but it's obvious that Bell Media wants to create another entertainment network instead of improving an aging music network. Likewise, I kinda liked the Medal of Honor reboot, but it was still a boring, generic, mess of a shooter compared to the likes of Call of Duty.
You'd think I'd make this comparison to other mass media companies, but no. See, Shaw Media is transforming two dumping grounds into two brand new channels, complete with new content. If Much was in their portfolio, they would have produced a dozen music-based lifestyle shows. Corus' may have gave young male adults the middle finger - and became the embodiment of Canada's crappy television scene - but no other company can reach families the way they do. If Bell is the EA, then Corus is the Nintendo.
In the end, I found a little more respect for Shaw Media.., but I'm still indifferent about Corus. Teenage and adolescent boys need their TV too, you know? But Bell Media just looks like the Galactic Empire to me. Screwing with the "natural order", homogenizing television to cater to one intrest, passing off americian programs as their own! Wait, that's Canadian television networks in general, my bad.
Anyway, It's a miracle that Rogers isn't this bad.