Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Toronto's Music Radio (Aka, why I don't listen to Flow 93-5 anymore)

MuchMusic doesn't give a crap about Canada's music scene or music in general. If they do, it's probably to shill out that Top 40 bullcrap. AUX is more of a music channel than MuchMusic will ever be. Unfortunately, it's editorial staff is run by elitist hipsters who are more than happy to talk shit about mainstream music. Apparently, Canadian music journalists think Nickelback is still relevant. Next thing you know, they'll be making jokes about K-Fed and Blood on the Dance Floor. ...Exactly.

Unlike television, FM radio is a MuchBetter (pun intended) outlet for music, thanks to stations like Indie88 (CIND) and G98.7 (CKFG). Unfortunately, while it's more diverse than television, it still has it's share of problems. Chief on my list is Flow 93-5, aka CFXJ. Thanks to those scumbags at Bell Media, Flow has regressed from being the only urban station in Toronto to just being another Top 40 station.
Most damningly, when G98.7 first attempted to launch, Bell and host of other major media companies, even the flippin' CBC, got in their way! And to think, this was the same hurdle Flow had to deal with when they first launched. The reason why Flow and G98.7 existed to begin with? To play music other stations won't.

This is why Indie88 is so popular. It's one of the few music stations playing an underserved genre of music, much like The New Classical 96.3 FM (CFMZ) and JAZZ.FM91 (CJRT). ...Hey, CBC Radio 2, how ya doing? Anyway, it's a shame this principle hasn't been applied to other music stations. It's been a couple of months since Flow was mercifully auctioned off to NewCap radio, owners of Boom 97.3 (aka CHBM, a station for oldies), yet it's still as dreadful as it was under Bell Media's ownership. Apparently, the new owners would rather try to butt heads with Virgin Radio and Kiss then try something new.

Perhaps this is why 102.1 The Edge (that's CFNY for you, alternative fans), in the wake of the Dean Bundell incident and the return of Alan Cross, is switching up their setlist. To fans of CFNY, Indie88 is the modern day "Spirit of Radio", and The Edge recognizes that they now have an opportunity to remind people who the crap they are. Between that, G98.7 becoming Toronto's de facto urban station, Indie88 growing in listeners, and New Classical & Jazz succeeding where Radio 2 failed, It's no wonder why no one watches music on TV anymore.

Forget television, radio is where the real music is at.

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