Sunday, 5 October 2014

October 2014 Update

I've officially begun work on Reycralibur, episode 12. Though, at this point, I'm fighting the urge to cancel the series altogether. With the release of the GameCube adapter edging closer and closer, I'm getting more and more anxious to just start a new series filmed in Brawl. The beauty of my next project is that it will be a non-serial series, much like Typhoon School was. It has no beginning or ending so it won't end on a cliffhanger due to laziness like so many other web serials (ie. Super Mario Bros. Z).

Thankfully, the end is near. Right now, I'm estimating three more episodes of Reycralibur are left. It'll be bittersweet that I bring this project to a close, SSB64 machinima feels like the one thing I'm actually good at. Of course, I won't stop making SSB64 machinima, but I am looking forward to trying my hand at something else. For now though, after Reycralibur, my sole focus is on Brawl machinima.

Speaking of which, I know I haven't started on The Abridged Knights of Brawl: Bjohn's Quest yet. I'll get around to that eventually.

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