Sunday, 17 August 2014

Canadian Television is Boring

When Spike claims to have television's most intriguing content, they aren't kidding! In fact, a lot of my favorite networks are all owned by Viacom. Their Canadian counterparts, original or imported, are no substitute from the hours I spend watching their networks. Action, despite its name, doesn't get as much action as Spike does. MuchVibe, an all urban music video spinoff isn't enough of a distraction from BET's Canadian feed - which is one-third music videos from around 2007! Hell, MTV is a lot less appealing then Much but, as you all know by now, I'd rather watch MTV2.

Shall I go on? Much like MTV, CMT has become a lifestyle network, but one that never forgets it's southern roots. CMT Canada is in name only and, aside from actually supporting country music, serves of another example of how Corus' ruined niche television. Comedy Gold and Dejaview lack the iconic shows that make up TV Land's lineup. Do I even need to compare Comedy Central to the Comedy Network nowadays? Thanks to years of relying on Central's programming and Much's new comedy gimmick, Network is now the new BiteTV. In fact, BiteTV arguably has a better line up than Comedy Network, and it's owned the same company that owns a music network that actually focuses on music.

Let's take it a step further. Adult Swim Canada and Teletoon at Night severely lack the diversity the O.G Adult Swim has. G4 in Canada might have finally returned to programming related to technology but it's a snoozefest compared to the slate on it's american counterpart. Yes, the same network that has all but been abandoned by Comcast, is still more interesting to watch than it's northern spinoff despite the fact that it is now a wasteland. Go figure.

See the problem is that, with the exception of MuchVibe, Canadian networks play it safe, and stick to what makes them money. American networks on the other hand, are more willing to take risks with what they can and can't do. It's precisely that reason why FX and AMC networks have become so well regarded in recent years. The moral of the story is: if it ain't broke, then don't just fix it, MAKE IT BETTER!

...Or just don't do what Corus, Bell, and Comcast are doing.

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