Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dumping Grounds and Branding

I wanna put into prescriptive why Mystery and Twist are getting rebranded. See, Action has TruTV shows, Slice has Bravo shows and the like, and if it weren't for the Travel Channel's shows and related fare, DTOUR would be no better. My point is, these two networks have no programming to call their own, original or acquired, they air programming from other networks instead. These are what I like to call "dumping grounds" and, if it were up to me, I would have them both shut down.

When launching a Canadian version of an international network, branding is everything. When FX premieres a new show, FXX and FX Canada premieres it as well. They even take it a step further and do things a little differently from their counterparts: The lineups between them have switched and FXX even premieres some of the shows (Fargo, Married, You're the Worst), that were meant for FX.
This is what separates them from the likes of MTV2 and IFC, which have both gone rogue. Hell, the only reason why IFC gets off scott free is because, where IFC in the U.S has become it's own thing, IFC in Canada still plays indie films. Same goes for OLN and bravo, which even traded in their American colors and became their own individual networks.

But that's for established brands. Shaw is launching a local version of a network that hasn't even found it's footing yet. Already, Shaw is in danger of trashing whatever value - i.e NONE, but I digress - the FYI branding has. It's in danger of becoming like G4 which, thanks to Rogers' management, is just as big a laughing stock in Canada as it is stateside. Or MTV2, which has degraded into "MTV2 with tampons." And the less said of CMT becoming half-country, half-crappy, the better.

This is all the more reason why I'm against launching local versions of international networks; I would rather import them instead. But as long as they are in capable hands, I wouldn't even mind a local version of WE tv. ...OK, maybe I would mind a little bit. Funimation Channel on the other hand....!

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