Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Turning Point [Update Summer 2014]

...So, I lost everything. Well, not everything, but most of my stuff is all gone. Music, videos, pictures, collected articles and websites, guilty pleasures. Almost all of it is gone. More importantly, all my machinima-related files, inducing Brawl hacks, are gone. Luckily, I STILL haven't gotten back to work on Reycralibur nor The Abridged Knights of Brawl. Plus, my laptop is still functional, and I haven't thrown out my old laptop, the one I used before, yet. On top of not losing all my stuff, there's a chance some of my older stuff, the movies and files I thought I lost forever, can be recovered at a future date. So, it's not that bad, for me at least.

But I shouldn't get my hopes up for getting my current stuff back, so now it's time for me to figure out where I'm headed, as far as online entertainment goes. I now have an SD Card which I can use to softmod my Wii U and possibly return to making Brawl machinima. Meanwhile, I'm becoming more disillusioned with Reycralibur and, without my laptop AND my stuff, it's gonna be a while before I can get back to making SSB64 machinima. I've decided to see what I can do to get back to doing the latter, while shifting my focus towards doing the former.

Last year, I began writing a new Smash machinima, one that I have gotten really attached to. Like The Abridged Knights of Brawl, it's based on a really crappy web series..., or rather, a really crappy webcomic. Unlike Knights, this was going to be an adaptation, a re-imagination, in machinima form. I was going to do it in Melee and, like Reycralibur, it would have showcased hacks that were NEVER used in a Melee machinima before.
But, now I've decided to make it a Brawl machinima, and a back-to-basics one at that. Nothing too fancy. Don't worry, it would have at least had voice actors...besides myself.

So there's that and, since I've already uploaded the entire Knights of Brawl series to one of my YT channels, I can continue work on The Abridged Knights of Brawl by downloading those episodes. Knights is another series I've grown attached to. I'm actually planning on turning that into a Brawl machinima adaptation as well after I finished "Season 3".

Like I said, it's not that bad, for me at least.

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