Saturday, 21 June 2014

Starting to Really Dislike Cable

You never really know what you have until it's gone. At first I thought Canadian's had it good when it came to television. What with genre protection preventing something like Nickmom from coming to Treehouse or Teletoon not going overboard with live-action programming like Cartoon Network did. It helps that most of said programming wasn't as bad as Cartoon Network's was (Mudpit > Anything on CNReal). Then, just yesterday, we had to downgrade our cable package because it was too expensive. I now have around 220 channels...AND THEY ALL SUCK!

Television nowadays panders to women, tween girls and men; everyone else gets the finger. Young adults, like myself, get the worst of it. There are only 4 or 5 channels of non-vanilla television we can enjoy. Everything else is just reality shows, dramas, lifestyle shows, sports, and teen pop trash. No wonder we spend more time on the internet. As much as I love to babble on about how crappy Canadian speciality services have become, my beef is with Rogers and other television service providers.

Back in my day, we had theme packages: channels of different subjects and genres grouped together. But now we 3 or 5 packages with a mishmash of channels and, ultimately, you're gonna buy the most expensive package because they have the channels you actually want to watch. It has dawned on me that, out of all the channels I have, I only watch about five. But now I only have two, and we have to pay an additional $14 on top of $60 our current package costs if I want to watch them again. Not all of my channels are available a la carte, so we'll still have to pay $10 or $20 just to get them back.

The annoying noisy non-existent-but-would-be protesters have lobbied for more pick-and-pay channels. That's good, run along and complain to the CRTC like you do for all of your problems. Meanwhile, I'm going to find an immediate alternative.

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