Monday, 23 June 2014

Metacritic Reviews Suck

So far I've counted DMC, Most Wanted 2012, Watch Dogs and every Call of Duty game after Black Ops. It's pretty obvious that this trend of "gamers" vandalizing Metacritic pages out of spite is never going to stop. You'd think they'd know that some people actually rely on honest reviews to save their money. 

So what? Just because Most Wanted 2 is nothing like the original Most Wanted, I should avoid it? I should condamn DMC just because of a friggin redesign. I'd expect this from the Sonic fanbase but, last I checked, Devil May Cry wasn't for little boys and spoiled brats. I'd go on but, I think I made my point.

This isn't about people having different tastes or opinions, this is about so-called gamers abusing the system just to besmirch a game they don't like. And you wonder why people like Spike TV paint the image that gamers are a bunch of basement-dwellers? Not exactly proving them wrong, aren't you?

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